Webcam Solutions

Promote your business and drive traffic to your site with live streaming webcams

KCS technicians will work with your business to select the appropriate hardware and install it in the optimal location to capitalize on your investment.


Real-Time Views

Share your location, event or current weather with potential customers from across the world with webcams from KCS.

Marketing and Brand Awareness

Expand your marketing efforts by placing your new webcam on your site and in customer emails.  KCS also offers the ability to add your company logo to your webcam feed and give viewers the ability to share the webcam on their own social channels, increasing traffic to your site and brand awareness.

Increase Website Traffic

Offering a live streaming HD webcam on your company website increases traffic to your site and keeps your visitors engaged and coming back.

Dedicated Streaming Server

KCS maintains a dedicated server for hosting client webcams.

Desktop and Mobile

Webcams installed and hosted by KCS allow visitors the ability to view the live streaming video on any device.

Embed on Your Site

KCS will provide you with the necessary code for your website or one of our developers will place the code on your site on your behalf.

Why Choose KCS Webcam Solutions ?

KCS has a team of experienced professionals ready to help you develop the ideal live webcam solution for your business. Assisting in planning and design through the installation, our experienced staff has provided professional solutions to numerous businesses throughout the Florida Keys including resorts, contractors, aquariums, restaurants and marinas.

Our staff can help you navigate many factors to take into consideration when implementing a live camera streaming solution. Careful planning before the installation and techniques during can make the difference between a great viewer experience and a terrible one. With input from our web services and marketing team and professional installation, our staff can make sure you receive the right solution to achieve your objectives.



Our Process

Allow us to help design, plan and implement a reliable live webcam streaming solution for your needs. While implementing a total solution, our staff will account for:

  • Available Camera Site Bandwidth
  • Camera Mounting
  • Power
  • Local Network Connectivity
  • Physical Security
  • Climate & Environmental Conditions
  • Sun & Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Camera Field Of View & Focal Length
  • Camera Field Of View Motion
  • Latency & Public Internet Routes
  • Video Resolution, Key-Frame Interval & Data Rates

Ready to get started with Custom Webcam Solutions from KCS?