Social Marketing & Management

Did you know that more and more customers rely on Social Networks to determine the credibility and trustworthiness of an online business?

At KCS, our Social Media specialists can help your business target social networks that provide a value to your business, optimize and customize social pages and produce engaging content to help your visitors better connect and interact with your business online. Have a look at some of the social services that we currently provide to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes with effective social management.


Social Consulting

Need help understanding which social networks provide a competitive advantage to your unique business? At KCS, our professionals assist local businesses with the consulting of appropriate social channels and strategies businesses can use to capitalize on the latest social trends in a modern Web 2.0 landscape.

Professional Channel Branding

Do all of your company’s social pages represent the same consistent theme and awareness of your company brand? Is your brand clearly defined and accessible for a wide variety of users on a myriad of platforms? At KCS, our team provides comprehensive social branding services to help your business maximize the look and feel of your company social pages, social content and social connectivity.

Social Optimization

Are your existing social pages accurate and displaying consistent information across your social channels? Is it easy to contact or connect with your business without having to look for critical company info? Let our team assist with the optimization of your social channels to help maximize your social reach.

Regular Updates

One of the most critical components for any successful social media campaign comes right down to consistency. Keeping social pages up-to-date and active does more to help grow social presence than any other strategy alone. At KCS, we help local Keys businesses plan for regular updates, while helping our clientele meet posting objectives by simplifying the social posting process.

Social Content Development

Are you creating social content that is engaging your followers? Our social media team uses bits and pieces of your content to create interesting social content that is sure to help your social pages attract more engagement and action. Combine creative social content with consistent posting to maximize your company’s social results in an ever-evolving online social world.

Paid Social Ad Services

Want to quickly grow your fanbase or increase attention to a specific unique post? Our team can help you create and configure effective online social media advertising campaigns to target new followers, increased activity on posts and much more. Give us a call to discuss what social advertising may be a good fit for your company’s social goals and objectives.

Harness the Power of Social Media in a Web 2.0 Landscape

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