Network Solutions

Network Solutions customized for your business!

KCS technicians have the experience necessary to educate and guide you through your network design and installation project. We have experience working with various sizes and types of businesses and are able to provide you with expertise you need to make your project successful.


Network Consulting, Design, and Upgrades

Your network can slow your business down, or help it run smoothly and improve productivity. With components or entire systems, KCS provides your business with complete network installation and integration.  Our technicians develop, design and implement solutions that take into account the varying aspects of your business and needs, along with your existing infrastructure.  Network upgrades are routinely recommended and performed to enhance the performance, reliability and security of our clients.

Network Administration and Monitoring

KCS provides clients network security management and monitoring solutions. Optimal network performance is vital to your company’s success.  KCS provides “best-practices” management for your business that will keep your network performing at its best.  This proactive network service and monitoring allows KCS technicians to maximize up-time and resolve issues quickly if equipment fails.

Network Security and Compliance

In today’s rapidly evolving IT environment, security threats come in many forms. From viruses and spyware to vulnerabilities and security holes within an operating system or application running on a desktop or server, KCS must offer solutions for an ever-increasing number of threats to achieve network security and PCI compliance for clients.

Network Security and Compliance

Firewalls have long provided the first line of defense in network security infrastructures. KCS provides clients with firewall setup and administration. This service provides firewall and router configurations to restrict connections between untrusted networks and any system in the network environment. Firewalls assist in network security by comparing corporate policies about users’ network access rights to the connection information surrounding each access attempt.

Threat Protection and Management Services – KCS has teamed up with industry-leading solution providers to deliver IT network security solutions. Clients receive comprehensive, efficient and effective online and offline threat protection and management. These service help clients protect against Phishing and Malware attacks, Spam and unsolicited email that put business networks at risk and kill productivity. KCS anti-virus solutions offer client protection from threats while allowing technicians to monitor and manage an entire business from a single screen

Network Compliance Solutions – KCS provides services to clients to achieve network PCI compliance. Network testing, diagram development and administration are all vital for companies to achieve PCI and industry compliance

Network Administration and Monitoring

We understand that network infrastructure and servers are the backbone of our clients’ businesses. We recognize that network interruptions are costly and lead to wasted time, decreased productivity and customer dissatisfaction. Proactive network services help KCS technicians detect problems early thus preventing them from escalating and turning into more expensive repairs and downtime. Our clients depend on us to ensure their networks are always stable and available, so KCS uses industry-leading tools to content filtering as well as server and network monitoring solutions.  As a managed service provider, we are responsible for detecting and repairing faults, configuring services, and ultimately ensuring uptime and performance.


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